Shakti Seva

Under the Shakti Seva effort a Rawla Education Fund has been established to reach out to talented students in our community who cannot afford good education. Girls belonging to the rajput clan primarily in the rural areas are raised to do household chores and are not given proper chance to reflect their aptitude . The aim behind this scholarship program is to find girl students in such rural areas , who are interested in pursuing higher education which possesses aptitude to study hard but financially they are helpless or held back. Through this scholarship fund we aim to help out these young talented students to get a feeling of achievement early on and prepare them to earn higher degrees in future to be a successful person & make them capable to help others.

A Shakti Seva Advisory Committee has been established to help onboard and support these young students.

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If you are interested in applying for this scholarship follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Download the application here
  2. Complete the application and email to
  3. Someone from our team will contact you for verification.

Message from Marudhar Baisa: I am highly Oblidged and thankful to all the respected members who have helped me by sending this amount for my daughter's education. Me and my kids will be thankful for the lifetime for this help of your all.Mataji maharaj has given to me and my kids a lifetime grief but we know that we are helpless before this action of almighty. And we have accepted this hard truth and decided to live with dignity and peace. But I have faced lot of hardships in this journey which was started 3 years earlier. But one fine day I got call from Vinod jija, who came in my life like a boon from my Govind. Jija told me" Baisa be strong and fight with these circumstances for your kids, I m always there with you." And jija only was there who took me out from my one big problem which was money. I m again thankful to jija who made this happen by your all's help. I am also preparing for RAS mains exam and wish to Mataji maharaj to fulfill this dream of mine so that I could be a help for people like me. I m also teaching my kids to work hard to be a good citizen and human being. At the end again and again thanks a ton to each one of you hokums.

As part of our on-going Rawla Charity efforts we are on track with Marudhar Rathore, so far sent 88862 out of 125000 commitment.