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2023 Rawla Me'l:

Rawla Me'l Events:

Rajputana Rawla organizes yearly events for all members to meet, connect and celebrate our Rajputana culture values and pass them on to our next generation. Our inaugural event was held in April 2018 under the guidance of Mr. Raj Singh Nathawat. The event was held in Bay Area, CA and teams from all across California chipped to make this a success. In the subsequent year the event was held in Dallas, Texas, Mr Praveen Singh Rathore was the convener. Both events welcomed more than 400 guests from all over the North America and abroad. Please click below to see more information on previous events.

Rawla Me'l 2021

The 2021 Me'l event was hosted in Virginia.
Despite the difficulties presented by Covid, the Rajputana community kept a positive spirit and welcomed back the yearly gathering with joy.

Rawla Navratri Greeting

Let's Meet and Greet on Oct 18 2020 on the auspicious occasion of Navaratri. A beautiful cultural show compiled by Prachi Rathore from Florida with help from all the beautiful biases of Rawla parwvar.

Rawla Me'l 2019

Continuing the Rajputana tradition Texas style, while building stronger alliances and connecting with families in North America and abroad.

Rawla Me'l 2018

First of its kind Rawla Me'l to celebrate the Rajputana culture and connecting with the brethren in North America.