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The Rajputana Rawla of America (RRA) was conceptualized and formed with an aim and objective to create a platform in America for Rajputs of historical Rajputana of India to come together and cherish its rich culture, pass it on to the GenNext, co-operate with each other in various aspects of life - educational, social, matrimonial, charity, business etc. We wish for members to develop a camaraderie, grow individually and as a community in America and back home in Rajputana.Welcome to the Rajputana Rawla of America!



Come together to celebrate the centuries old Royal culture of Rajputana bringing out the regal magnificence from an era gone by.


The Rajput community which originated from 36 royal clans, still comes on a single platform to build stronger alliances.


Thousands of miles away from our motherland we have a brotherhood of friendship and love within our community.


Dr. Harnath Singh Ji
Chatar Singh ji
Dr. Daleep Singh ji
Narendra Singh Ji
Raj Singh Ji

Advisory Committee

Surendra Singh Chauhan
Vinod Khangarot
Narendra Singh Rathore

Executive Committee

Himmat Singh Rathore


Ranvir Singh Rathore

Vice President

Sandeep Singh Shekhawat

General Secretary

Sunaina Shekhawat Bhati


Mahendra S Jadon

Membership Secretary

Padam S Ranawat

Community Outreach

Shilpa Bhati

Cultural Secretary

Radhika Rathore

IT Secretary

Bhanu Singh Rathore

Youth Ambassador

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